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At HandymanSG24 Singapore, we understand that your home and office are more than just spaces; they’re where life happens. That’s why our team of seasoned handymen is dedicated to delivering top-notch repair and improvement services across Singapore. Whether it’s a leaky faucet in your kitchen, a stubborn door at the office, or a complete bathroom makeover, trust us to handle it with precision and care.

Our Handyman Services

HandymanSG24 Singapore stands as your go-to hub for all electrical solutions. Whether it’s a comprehensive overhaul or incremental improvements, we’re the trusted choice for your electrical needs. Our commitment to maintaining a functional and reliable electrical system is unwavering, with a focus on the intended use. We anticipate essential needs and steer clear of shortcomings. Every project is unique, and our designs are tailor-made. Our goal is to build lasting value by prioritizing customer satisfaction.

The fundamental principles of utilizing electricity to power a light bulb remain as they were at its inception. Yet, subpar craftsmanship is all too common, even in tasks as simple as wiring your beloved lamp. Electricity may be invisible (most of the time!), but its impact is felt when poor wiring leads to unwelcome electrical interruptions. At HandymanSG24 Singapore, our electricians dedicate themselves to ensuring your safety and creating lasting value through the durability of your electrical systems.

Looking for a quick and cost-effective solution for your broken household equipment? Our premium handyman services are here to meet all your domestic repair requirements with excellence and speed

Every now and then, household items can malfunction. Instead of the frustration and financial burden of constant replacements, a touch of maintenance from a skilled handyman can often restore them to their former glory. It’s essential to preserve the longevity of your appliances by seeking out top-notch handyman services in Singapore, ensuring they continue to perform wonders for you.

We have Specialized Handyman:

 Our workplace thrives on a diverse and vibrant culture. Each team member diligently adheres to our ethical code, which underscores professionalism, integrity, exceptional technical expertise, and prioritizing our clients’ best interests. Our commitment to our clients includes the following:

  • Trained and Proficient Electricians

Our skilled and knowledgeable electricians are committed to excellence. Adhering to strict quality guidelines, they deliver top-tier electrical services tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers.

  • Prioritize Client’s Safety

 Ensuring the safety and personal protection of our customers is the top priority for our electricians. They are thoroughly trained to handle hazardous situations effectively. At HandymanSG24 Singapore Electricians, we are dedicated to delivering quality, safety, and reliability. We adhere to all safety protocols and comply with local safety standards when providing our electrical services. 

Our Work Ethics:

  • Customer-Centric: Our top priority is always the client’s needs.
  • Engaged Communication: We thrive on active communication and dialogue to reach the perfect outcome.
  • Empathetic Advice: Viewing challenges from your perspective, we provide the best solutions.
  • Electrical Expertise: We’re dedicated to fulfilling your electrical needs with precision.
  • Confidentiality: Client privacy is paramount, and we safeguard it diligently.
  • Uncompromised Safety: Adhering to stringent safety protocols is a promise we never break.


“Excellent service. Quick to respond with a call back from the locksmith. Came that day a few hours later. Was fast and experienced and charged a reasonable rate. Awesome service, thank you.”
Dorcas Yemi Sholanke
“Service was efficient, and timely. I’m happy that handyman was able to arrive so quickly. I can’t really speak Chinese, so i did find communication a small issue, but in the end we managed. I’d recommend to make sure to ask for best price.”
Christina Thorsen
“Jacky called very soon after I enquired with Jessica on their services. He did a great job in fixing the jammed sliding door of my wardrobe. I would not hesitate to recommend the services of LS Handyman to my friends.”
John Doe


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How Our Clients Say About HandymanSG24

April 12, 2024

Good service! Highly recommended!

Happy with their attitude and work ethics. I have been calling them to renovate my place as well as my friends rental houses. Hard working team.

Mildred Ho
April 11, 2024

Today is 2nd time I engage their service because last job very well done. They help me extend my fridge platform. $650. Thank you very much!

Peter lim
April 11, 2024

Good service. Friendly. Honest.

Sutiati Kasiman
April 8, 2024
Joanne Chang
April 8, 2024

They do a good job. I engaged their services for many times. I will recommend to ppl on their services

R Alagapan
April 1, 2024

Your workers had done a good job and appreciated.

alam ripo
March 29, 2024