Parquet Flooring in sg

Parquet flooring

Welcome to the world of Parquet flooring, where sophistication meets durability. At Handyman SG24, we understand that the foundation of any beautiful space begins with the right flooring. That’s why we offer an exquisite collection of parquet flooring, designed to elevate your home or office with its classic charm and enduring quality.

Why do numerous families in Singapore favor Parquet Flooring?

Many Singaporean families opt for parquet flooring because of its natural wood appeal and ability to withstand varying temperatures. These floors are long-lasting, often enduring for decades while maintaining their pristine appearance. Parquet is not only durable but also allows for refinishing, including sanding and staining, to revitalize its look. You can even customize the stain to your preferred color. Additionally, parquet flooring provides soundproofing benefits and a comfortable grip underfoot. It’s important to note that not all HDB flats, condominiums, and landed properties include parquet flooring.

Is Parquet Floor Easy to Maintain?

Maintaining parquet flooring in Singapore’s humid climate is a breeze. Solid wood floors are easy to clean, and when stained, they form a protective sealant layer against water and other liquids. However, dragging furniture can cause scratches and marks over time. By avoiding these common mistakes, your parquet floors will remain beautiful for years.

What diverse wood is used for Parquet Flooring?

You can use any solid wood to create parquet flooring. In Singapore, popular wood choices include Indo Teak, Burmese Teak, American Oak, and Maple wood. The age and growth conditions of the trees used for the wood are crucial factors that contribute to the flooring’s quality.

Parquet Floor Varnishing and Polishing Service Singapore

Does your wooden flooring look old and worn? Our floor staining service can easily remedy this, enhancing the aesthetics of your floors and extending their lifespan. Proper maintenance can improve the longevity of your floors by preventing scratches and stains. Applying floor stains also fortifies the floors, making them more resistant to spills. Revitalize your wooden flooring with our service, and your home or office will look brand new again!

Parquet Staining

Interested in changing the color tone of your current parquet flooring? We can assist in achieving the color tone you desire for your wooden flooring using the latest technology.

Parquet Installation

Explore our extensive range of solid wood or engineered lumber. At HandymanSg24 Singapore, we can customize the size of each wood strip to meet your unique requirements. Contact us, and our sales team will recommend the best wood type for your project

Repair and Restoration Services

HandymanSg24Singapore offers high-quality repair and restoration services to address common issues with natural wood. Our services help fix, rejuvenate, and restore your natural wood furniture and flooring to its original splendor, providing top-notch services at a very reasonable cost.

Faded parquet floor

With proper care and maintenance, a wood or parquet floor can last for many years. Protecting it from scratches and UV damage is essential to prevent discoloration and maintain structural integrity.

Scratches in parquet floor

Scratches are another common issue with wood and parquet floors. They are often caused by the impact of sharp objects or the impression made by heavy items over an extended period.

Valuable Tips for Homeowners

Ensure waterproofing if there is an open area adjacent to the parquet flooring to prevent water damage during heavy rains. Keep the area near bathroom entrances dry to avoid moisture-related damage to the flooring. If water leaks from air conditioning units, address the issue promptly to prevent floor damage. For top-quality flooring repair and restoration services, choose HandymanSg24 Singapore. We’re here to help you.